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i found this amazing old tape of a gentleman
talking about great wine.
And discussing an elegant beautiful woman.
who may have been a film star.
so I've mixed it into a song for the band i have.
who are all old fashioned wind up robots, by the way.

the creative process

The first thing you have to do when creating the concept for a music video, is be able to see the music yourself.


Do everything in your power not to hear the song until you have time to listen.

Then sit alone, without distractions, and play it once through. When it finishes, write down how you felt, any visuals you had in your head, and how you judge the song out of 10. Remember, these notes are only for you, never lie to yourself.


Repeat this a number of times, how many is up to you, then go for a walk, take a break, wait until the next day. Give it some time, then do it all once again.

By the end of this, you will have a range of thoughts and observations written down.

All your ideas that rely on short term memory will be laid out. Anything that springs to mind immediately, tends to be part of this group and is more often supported by other work rather than your own. The benefits 

The voice conjured a image of man reclining in a chair, smoking a pipe, sporting a large moustache, and recounting tales of a time gone by to guests who had been invited to his dinner party. They were not friends. They were colleagues, so listened intently to his ramblings, laughing when they were meant to, and following every word as if their jobs depended on it.

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