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'bud' - soup delivery girl (coming soon)
A futuristic young lady pointing a gun on a red background

This is the project we are dying to share with the world, and soon we will.

'Bud - Soup delivery girl' is a sci-fi episodic series of shorts, following the life of a soup delivery girl, and the spiralling events that create a bizarre mix

of high-energy action sequences, resulting in even more high energy action sequences. 

Adventure and imagination at its best. Big guns, cool flying vehicles, mean ass robots, freaky aliens and parkour ninja dudes; with a wonderful weird world to encompass it all.

And for the first time, The Mighty Pie will be releasing behind the scenes work during production. Sign up to your YouTube Channel for updates, or join our mailing list.

Bud Soup Delivery Girl Copyright The Mighty Pie Creative Studio 2024

'king fly & the hungree maggit (2023)

A hungry caterpillar will turn into a wonderful butterfly.

A hungry maggot will turn into a not so wonderful fly.

We wanted to do an animated comedy, and see how fast we could do it.

Although the idea had been simmering for a while, the script was written in an hour, and recorded in only a few takes.


The modelling, texturing and rigging were completed in roughly two days. Apart from the head and eyes, the rest of the fly was thanks to the earlier versions of Rapid Rig Modular. (Now available at

The animation took around 1-2 days, and the rendering settings were set to 'just about acceptable', thanks to all options available in Vray, and it was completed in 3 hours on one machine. (Although in truth, a very high spec one.)

Compositing & editing possibly 2-3 hours. 

This spontaneous creative release, was a good test, and well received. Winning a number of awards.

Ewebibtikus klaw episode 2 (2018)
Ewebibtikus klaw episode 1 (2013)
death & the comedian (2009)
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