The Mighty Pie is a multi-award-winning creative studio, whose focus is on big impact animation and storytelling.

The digital world is a busy place, so getting your message across, whatever it may be, takes a new type of confidence and craft.

Through animation, motion graphics and all things that move, The Mighty Pie pushes the boundaries of the possible and grabs audience’s attention in an instant…. And holds it!

The Mighty Pie have over 20 years’ experience working with B2B, B2C and consumer clients. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality of animation with incredible production value; pushing the creative and technical boundaries to create truly stunning work.

We know you’re not all animation experts, so The Mighty Pie will work with you every step of the way, we can write your scripts, create storyboards, animatics, concept work and animate.

We spare no creative energy!  No matter what the project.

So, get in touch today for some animated goodness.

In a world that makes a lot of noise… shout louder!

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2D Animation

3D Animation

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Character Design

Game Animation

Business Animation

Social Animation

Medical Animation

Character Animation

Game Animation

"We've a long way to go, and this journey won't walk itself, don't you know!"

Ewebibtikus Klaw

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