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Sodak Film Festival Winner Laurel
Geurilla Film Festival Laurel
Lonely Wolf Film Festival Laurel
Bristol Film Festival Laurel
Make Me Laugh Festival Laurel
British Film Festival Shortlist Award Symbol
Austin Comedy Festival Laurel

we are experts in animation

2024 showreel

2023 showreel

Fearless animation means creating eye-catching visuals for modern brands that have never been seen before, and at The Mighty Pie, we run towards risk.


​We are a multi-award-winning creative studio, whose focus is on big impact animation and storytelling.


We love original, unconventional, innovative ideas, and are often approached by those who dare to take the step forward onto the road that no-one else would, just to make ground breaking leaps forward.


With The Mighty Pie, there's no need to compromise, no need to take the safe route - the well beaten track is for your competitors, not for you.

Together, with our experience and confidence, we will create animations to push boundaries, blow minds and stop the scrolling thumb. To show the World what you are really made of.


We're here to make you stand apart, and stand proud. Let the digital noise burble on. Your voice will be heard above the clamor, and our animations will show the world you are unique.


​We deliver all of this with incredible production value, decades of award-winning experience and barrel loads of confidence.


​If you are looking for high end brand content, playful, unconventional, disruptive social campaigns and big bouncing animation bonanzas. All led with the most original ideas and storytelling…



Welcome to The Mighty Pie.

simon pitts,
Exective producer of U.Me -the complete musical, bbc

“The Mighty Pie gave our project, an original animated musical feature film, everything they had and even more. Their work is truly excellent and they brought sensitivity, imagination, daring, bold creativity as well as determination and can-do resilience all the way.”

steve levine,
music producer

"On all the projects The Mighty Pie have created for me, they always brought, incredible flair, with a really inspired sense of the correct image to fit the style, rhythm and feel of the music. 
Dan himself, is an incredibly creative animator and film director. He’s a musician and so very aware of the feel of the music and creates images to seamlessly be as one."

Helena washer,

Power tutors

"The Mighty Pie Creative Studio are an excellent reliable, professional company to deal with. You are guaranteed to have everything you imagined...and more! "

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