Disruptive animation is the most eye-catching asset for modern brands, and at

The Mighty Pie, we run towards risk.

We are a multi-award-winning creative studio, whose focus is on big impact animation and storytelling.

With The Mighty Pie, there's no need to compromise, no need to take the safe route - the well beaten track is for your competitors, not for you.

Together, and with our experience and confidence, we create animations to push boundaries, slap faces and stop the scrolling thumb and help you show the World what you are really made of.

We're here to make you stand apart and stand proud. Let the digital noise burble on. Your voice will be heard above the clamour, and our animations will show the world you are unique.

We deliver all of this with incredible production value, decades of award-winning experience and barrel loads of confidence.

For high end big brand content, playful, unconventional, disruptive social campaigns with the most original ideas and storytelling…


Welcome to The Mighty Pie.


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2D Animation

3D Animation

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Character Design

Game Animation

Business Animation

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Medical Animation

Character Animation

Game Animation

"We've a long way to go, and this journey won't walk itself, don't you know!"

Ewebibtikus Klaw

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