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This year marks the 10 year anniversary for the release of my first short ‘The Learnings of Dr.Lune’.That’s 10 years since the release date, by the way. Not the making of. That happened the previous 4 years before. (10 minutes of animation in 4 years. Why? Well what better way to learn to make animated movies, than to make one!)It’s not the most amazingly animated, or beautifully looking film ever made, but I’m proud of it because of its story, and I think it stands up in its innocence and passion.

Before I give a quick burn over of the making of, the whole film itself ended up about 40gig, which I backed up onto two of those massive CD spindles. I lugged them around for years on end and now when I need them, I can’t find them! I was hoping to give away some of the rigs so people could see how (cra*p) they were, But hey-ho, if they turn up I’ll add them to the blog.

The Story

Dr.Lune is a man who can not fall in love, but has dedicated his life to find out why people do. He creates machines made from hearts, believing the heart to be the purest form of love.

A pie delivery girl turns up lost at his door, asking to use his phone. She sees the heart creatures and becomes a little freaked out. Dr. Lune explains it is just love in its purest form.

She feels for him, and sees inside him, a man who truly understands love. Dr. lune, who can’t fall in love, has an idea for another experiment. Perhaps he thinks she loves the amount of work he does, whatever the reason, he goes straight back to work, and misses opportunity to experience the one thing he is so desperate to discover.

In his final statement “I can’t believe I did not see, what was right in front of me.” Ironically, he cannot see what was right in front of him, because of his obsession with love and work.

Boy Heart Machine